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Italian restaurant in Van Nuys

An Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys with Pizza and More

There’s more to a great Italian restaurant than just great food. Obviously, the food is the most important thing, but it’s not the only thing. The food has to be made the right way, with the right ingredients. Beyond that, the Italian restaurant has to have the right atmosphere, too. Great restaurants make you want to be there, to return with friends, family, dates and others. You can find all of this and more at our Italian restaurant in Van Nuys. We made this to be the kind of Italian restaurant that makes folks want to come back. 

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen – Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys 

We chose the name “Pizza Kitchen” for a reason: sure, we could’ve called it “pizza restaurant” or “pizza cafe” or something like that. Instead, we chose “Kitchen” in part because we wanted to create a place that felt as welcoming and warm as a “kitchen.” When you’re in someone’s kitchen, it’s like they’ve invited you into their world. Our goal was to create a location that was similar to the kitchens of our families growing up, where everyone knew each other, everyone was glad to be there, and of course, there were copious amounts of great food. 

Italian restaurant in Van Nuys

Pizza and More 

Of course, all of that “environment” and “ambiance” stuff wouldn’t matter if the food was subpar. We’re proud to be one of the highest rated pizza places in not just Van Nuys, but all over the valley. We provide plenty of different kinds of pizza, each with our fresh ingredients. Sure, you can get our legendary margarita pizza, meat lovers, and all of the classic pizza toppings (each, of course, with a special Napoli’s spin on them). In addition to that, we have many kinds of pizzas you may not have seen before: the Lamb Sausage Pizza, BBQ Shrimp, Basturma Pizza, Brussel Sprouts, Alfredo Chicken Prosciutto Arugula and others. If you go through our Yelp or other online reviews, you’ll find plenty of references that say “the Napoli’s Combo is the best.” While we love all of our pizzas equally, that special mix of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, sausage and red onions is a standout.  

Wine, Pasta, and the Other Staples of an Italian Restaurant 

If you can’t find one of the pizza dishes that appeals to you, that’s fine. You can create your own pizza with us as well. In addition to that, we have all kinds of pasta dishes (such as grilled eggplant parm, portobello mushrooms and more) to whet your appetite. So many local businesses stop in for lunch, and while a full pizza might be a bit much, they’ll either split a few pies or go for some of our sandwiches. No true Italian restaurant would be complete without wine, which is why we have so many to choose from. While we know that you can’t get to our Italian restaurant all the time, delivery is available either online or if you call (818) 909-0100.

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