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An Italian Restaurant that Serves True Italian Ingredients and Dishes

The best Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks offer true Italian dishes. Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is a good stop if you want to experience the Italian way of life. Italian dishes are revered worldwide because they are some of the best. They are exquisite and too irresistible, just like the dishes offered here at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. 

Best Italian Restaurants in Sherman Oaks with Intricate Flavors 

One of the reasons our loyal customers who love Italian dishes keep on coming back is that we only use fresh ingredients. Our Italian dishes offer intricate flavors that are balanced to produce a flavor that you can find in other dishes. 


The Italian dishes we serve here use traditional preparation. In that case, they have the home-cooked component that makes them more exciting. We continue to innovate to produce the most authentic home-cooked Italian dishes. Although we use modern technology to meet the demands of our patrons, we don’t stay away from traditional preparation.

What is Traditional Preparation? 

This is where our Italian restaurant stands out in Sherman Oaks. Because we only practice traditional food preparation, you can be sure that our dishes contain the common staples. We use extra-virgin olive oil. It’s one of the common staples that you can’t miss when you dine in a traditional home. And you can find it here in our authentic Italian restaurant. This oil is used in frying and as part of salad dressings. We also use it to prepare specialty pies, pasta, and many more. And if you choose one or some of our appetizers, you can be sure that we add extra virgin olive oil to them. Another ingredient in the traditional preparation of Italian dishes is balsamic vinegar. We use it when we marinate our meat or add it to salads. Because we’re an authentic Italian restaurant, our balsamic vinegar is produced in Emilia-Romagna. This vinegar has a tangy flavor that can enhance any of our dishes. When you order one of our salads, you can choose to use balsamic vinegar as part of a salad dressing. Our Italian dishes are not complete without lots of garlic. We use it as a base for our dishes. Our pasta contains a lot of garlic. It’s one reason you can smell the aroma and flavor of garlic in our pasta selection.

Pizza and Pasta 

We can’t be categorized as a true Italian restaurant if we don’t serve pasta and pizza, can we? Our loyal customers love the fact that they can build their own pizza. And if they’re not sure what they want in a pizza, they can just pick from the many specialty pies we offer. 

Iconic Food in Italy

When you finally have a chance to visit the capital of Silicon Valley, make sure to drop by one of the best Italian restaurants Sherman Oaks residents love — Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. We serve the most iconic food in Italy. Call us to order it here: (818) 909-0100.

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