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Are You Craving a Basic Margarita Pizza in Burbank?

Margarita pizza in Burbank is one of the popular Italian food options. It’s an Italian recipe that features an easy dough with traditional ingredients, like tomato sauce. 

Pizza Burbank Offers Authentic Pizza 

One of the things people love about Italian cuisine is its simplicity. And when it comes to pizza, the fewer ingredients, the better. And this is why Margarita pizza is a top favorite at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. It’s made of simple ingredients: tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil. You just can’t beat its taste. 

Neapolitan Pizza

Margarita pizza is a Neapolitan pizza. It’s a sophisticated version of basic cheese pizza. Although you can find other restaurants that offer this type of pizza, most of them don’t use fresh ingredients. This is what makes Napoli’s pizza kitchen different from others. We only use the freshest ingredients from local farmers. 

The dough that we use is homemade and not the commercial type. We don’t use any sauce other than tomato sauce. And it’s not the sauce that you can find on a grocery shelf. We made this sauce from fresh tomatoes.  

Representing the Colors of the Italian Flag

Did you know that margarita (Margherita) pizza is known for its ingredients that represent the colors of the Italian flag? 

  • The red comes from tomato sauce
  • The white is from mozzarella cheese
  • And the green is the fresh green basil 

Although these three are the main ingredients, you can choose to add anchovies and garlic. We can customize your margarita by simply telling us to build your own pie. If you build your pie, you can choose to add extra topping, extra mozzarella, and vegan cheese. If you’re bored with tomato sauce, you can opt for bbq sauce, fared sauce, or pesto sauce. It’s your choice. 

You can also add meat to your margarita if you don’t want it to be pure Italian. That is, you can add pepperoni, salami, Canadian bacon, real bacon, or anchovies. There are so many possibilities if you want to build your pie. 

Is Margarita Just a Cheese Pizza? 

It looks like it. However, a cheese pizza can also use other cheeses, like parmesan. Unfortunately, American cheese pizza uses not the fresh type of mozzarella. Thus, the result is drier. That’s why if you want the taste of true Italian Margarita pizza, just go to Napoli’s pizza kitchen as we only add fresh mozzarella to our pie. 

Our Secret 

What makes our margarita so tasty is that we only use the best quality ingredients. The freshest ones we can find in Burbank. This is why our pizza is worth going back for again and again. We also use seasonal tomatoes. You will know the difference because of its fragrant smell that will get your taste buds tingling. Furthermore, we bake our pizza in a wood-fired oven. It allows our pizza to cook quickly and the crust to be crispy. 

Now, if you’re already drooling, why not take a look at our menu and order our pizza in Burbank today? Call us here to know more: (818) 909-0100


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