Best pizza in the valley
best pizza in Studio City

Order the Best Pizza in Studio City to Get the Authentic Italian Pizza

Italian pizza is way better than American-style pizza. Hence, if you’re craving authentic pizza, then make sure to order it from the best pizza in Studio CityThere are many differences between American pizza and Italian pizza. And one of them is that Italian pies are not served as a slice. Instead, they are commonly served as a whole pie. When you go to Italy and order pizza, you’ll get a massive pie. But you can trade some pieces with your friends or the people at the same table. .

best pizza in Studio City

Best Pizza in Studio City Serves Made-to-Order Crust 

We believe that the crust is the vital component of a pizza. Traditionally, it’s thin with a fluffy consistency. But don’t be fooled by that because what makes pizza best is in the crust where the characteristic flavor lies. Since the crust is an important part of a pie, we ensure that it’s hand-stretched. We cook it at high temperatures to get that perfect quality. In addition to the crust, the sauce of the pie is another thing to consider. Our best pizza uses tomatoes blended with herbs. We don’t cook the sauce with other toppings. In this way, the sauce remains fresh. What sets our genuine pizza apart from other brands is that we don’t just sprinkle shredded cheese. Instead, you’ll find large slabs of goose mozzarella. Plus, we top the pizza with some vegetables. To finish it up, we top it with a drizzle of olive oil and add aromatic leafy basil. 

Mouth-Watering Pizza 

Our true Italian pizza is mouth-watering. You can’t compare it to any pizza in the US. When you dine with us, you get to choose different kinds of pizza. We have something for everyone. Meat lovers, margarita pizza, you name it we have it. Furthermore, you can find pizza that you can’t find elsewhere. Have you heard of Basturma pizza? How about Alfredo chicken prosciutto arugula? We bet it’s your first time to hear them unless you have visited our kitchen and tried these delicious meals. With all the options available, though, it may be difficult for you to choose one. However, you can always try our combo. It’s a pizza that has tomato sauce, with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, and sausage. Our combo is one of the popular options in our restaurant and many online reviews also suggest it. On the other hand, if you’re not into pizza, you can still dine with your friends who crave our authentic Italian pizza. Pizza Kitchen doesn’t just focus on authentic Italian pizza but we also serve other Italian dishes, like portobellos mushrooms and grilled eggplant farm. You may also choose some of our sandwiches after eating a few pies. Of course, you can always order our wine. After all, we’re a true Italian restaurant. 

Pizza Delivery Online 

Are you ready to try the best pizza in Studio City? Call us today to order and try our Italian pizza and authentic Italian dishes: (818) 909-0100. 


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