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Come and Dine in an Authentic Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys If You Crave Italian Dishes

Do you ever wonder why most Italians don’t get fat? Well, it’s not actually true because they do get fat. But Italians are known for their healthy, great food. And this is one reason many health buffs want to visit an authentic Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys every time they dine out with their family or friends. 

How an Authentic Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys Can Help You Avoid Getting Fat? 

In Italy, obesity and being overweight are rare. Even though Italians love to eat pizza and pasta, they rarely get fat. Of course, there are various reasons the obesity rates here are low, unlike in America. However, the most obvious one is that Italians enjoy the experience of eating. They enjoy meals that are rich in vegetables, tomatoes, olive oil, and premium quality meat. That’s why when you visit Napoli Pizza Kitchen, you’ll be served authentic Italian dishes that are filled with quality ingredients. 

What Does It Mean? 

Italians love a balance of quality and quantity of foods. It means that they don’t eat a lot of fat, chicken, fish, red meat, and carbs. Rather, they consume them in moderation. And this is why you don’t find our pizza to be overwhelming with toppings. We add a little bit of healthy food with a balance of healthy fats, protein, and carbs. When we cook your meals, we only use healthy oils, like extra virgin olive oil. We understand that when you dine in our restaurant, you expect authentic Italian dishes. And that’s what you get from Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. Some dishes are served with healthy fats. Furthermore, our authentic Italian restaurant serves meals that are rich in soluble fiber and protein that will help you fill up for a longer time. Thus, you can request balsamic vinegar here if you want to add more flavor to your dish. Our healthy dishes include fresh herbs, lemons, capers, and artichokes. If you crave authentic Italian pasta, you can be sure that it is served al dente. Then, we add some olive oil and vegetables. But each serving is always in a small portion. 

Encouraging You to Eat Well 

At Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we discourage our customers from dieting. Rather, we encourage them to learn to eat well. That is, you need to enjoy the dish. You won’t feel guilty each time you eat a slice of our pizza because one serving of pizza is enough to fill you up. In that case, if you are counting calories, the pizza here won’t cause you to go beyond your recommended calories. The dining experience here at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is relaxing. You can enjoy every dish in the company of your family and friends. 

Accepting Dine-Ins, Take-Outs, and Deliveries 

We have completely re-opened and we have already started to accept dine-in customers. But you can still opt to take out your order or just call our Italian restaurant Van Nuys residents love to deliver our Italian dish to your doorstep: (818) 909-0100

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