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Delivering Hawaiian Pizza: What Drinks That Go Perfectly with Hawaiian Pizza?

Napolis Pizza Kitchen provides door-to-door pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks. When our customers order our pies, they also want to know what drinks can go perfectly with their pizza, especially the Hawaiian option. In this post, let’s talk about the best drink that you can pair perfectly with Hawaiian pizza to ensure you’ll have an amazing eating experience. 

Pizza Delivery in Sherman Oaks for Best Hawaiian Pizza Pairing 

Hawaiian-style pizza is a popular option. The toppings include mozzarella, Canadian bacon and are finished with slices of pineapple. For this pairing, you need to find a drink that can enhance the sweetness of the pineapple but soften the saltiness of the ham. For instance, you can order Peroni or Firestone Walker 805. Either beer can go with Hawaiian pizza. 

Other Specialty Pies You Can Order 

When you’re at Napolis Pizza Kitchen, you’re not stuck with one option. Instead, you’ll be bombarded with several artisan pies, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. And of course, we deliver beer and wine. Now, for other artisan pies, here are some of the options you might want to order with the best drinks that could go with them. 

Margherita Pizza and Modelo 

If you don’t want to overcomplicate your pizza experience, Margherita pizza is your best option. It’s a simple pie so it matches with a refreshing beer like Modelo. The crisp malt of this drink complements the crust of this pizza. The bitter finish of Modelo helps cut the fattiness of the cheese. Modelo is a good example of beer with rich, full-flavored Pilsner-style that offers a refreshing taste. 

Meat Lovers

The rule of this pie is “more is more.” The meat toppings available for this pizza include pepperoni, Canadian bacon, real bacon, meatballs, and sausage. The best drink to pair it with must be highly refreshing that come with some spices. Firestone Walker is the perfect option. It’s a highly refreshing drink that can accentuate the sweetness of Canadian pork and complement spicy pepperoni and sausage. 

Are Wines Great for Pizza? 

Who says beer is the only drink you can have when you want a refreshing beverage that can go with pizza? Wine and pizza are meant to be. But finding the perfect wine to go with your favorite pizza can be quite tricky. 

  • You can start with Cabernet and match it with Meat Lovers. 
  • A pepperoni pizza can easily go with Sangiovese. 
  • If you have Pinot Noir at home, try ordering BBQ chicken pizza. 

The Truth 

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to pairing beer or wine and pizza. It’s all about your preference. Some would even pair their favorite pizza with coffee. Whatever drink you like with your pizza, you should go ahead. No one will judge you.

pizza delivery Sherman Oaks

Where to Order and Deliver? 

You can dine at Napolis Pizza Kitchen. But if you’re tired of walking or driving to our Burbank kitchen, you may dial this number (818) 909-0100, order your favorite pizza and our pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks will bring it to you. 


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