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Do Italian Restaurants in Sherman Oaks Serve Famous Foods and Drinks of Italy?

Italy has a stellar reputation when it comes to food and drinks. You can ask your friends to name their favorite dishes. They’ll likely say pizza or pasta. The country is home to iconic dishes loved around the world. And if you are craving pizza, pasta and gelato, visit authentic Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks to satisfy your cravings. 

Pizza in Italian Restaurants in Sherman Oaks

Pizza is the most famous Italian cuisine. Making pizza is a form of art. It’s all about the dough, tomatoes grown in the countryside, and creamy mozzarella. Unlike American pizza, Italian pizza is known for its simple toppings with fresh basil leaves. You can order classic Margherita or if you want to spice up your dinner, you can order pizza topped with salty prosciutto and white anchovies. 

If you’re going to Sherman Oaks, make sure to try Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen and order Margarita Pizza with tomato sauce, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. This is the best pizza in town if you want to try the authentic pizza. 

Pasta in Italy

The word pasta embodies a lot of dishes, from spaghetti carbonara to fresh seafood pasta. If you drop by Napoli’s Pizza kitchen, make sure to try its grilled eggplant farm pasta. It’s made of marinara sauce, penne pasta, mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese. And yes, it has grilled eggplant. But you can also customize your pasta by choosing a sauce that you want. If you want vegan-style pasta, vegetarian pasta with extra virgin oil, fresh garlic, and grape tomatoes is a must-try. 


It’s a comforting rice dish. Cooking requires low heat. It has onions, wine, and stock. Finish it with a grating of parmesan. Although most restaurants offer plain risotto, some will pair it with other ingredients, like fresh seafood. 

What Should the Taste of Italian Food Be Like? 

Italian cooking is about simplicity. It means that most dishes include quality ingredients, simple recipes and cooking techniques. Italian food is all about ingredients. Most dishes have few key ingredients. It may consist of pasta or rice with tomato or another seasonal ingredient. 

A typical course consists of meat or fish with seasonal ingredients. The ingredients added will determine the quality of the dish. The main thing about Italian food is the freshest ingredients. That’s why at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we only use the high-quality, freshest produce available. Italian cooking is not possible without the use of fresh produce. It’s one reason true Italian pizza has an intense taste that bursts with flavors. 

Italian Cooking Techniques 

Our Italian cooking techniques are purely Italian. We only use fresh quality ingredients. The seasoning that we use isn’t overpowering. Our chefs don’t go too far when it comes to adding salt to food.

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen has some of the tastiest pizza options. It’s one of the Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks that offer the best-tasting Italian dishes. Call us here to order at (818) 909-0100


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