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Does Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen Offer True Italian Pizza in Burbank?

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is a well-known Italian restaurant in Burbank. That said, you can be sure that you’re getting a traditional, authentic Italian pizza in Burbank, rather than an American pizza version. 

What is a Real Italian Pizza in Burbank? 

Indeed, pizza has been reinvented. It has done so to fit the tastes of every pizza lover around the world. However, a real Italian pizza can’t be reinvented. Its authentic mark remains when you choose to dine in a true Italian restaurant. An Italian pizza is not like an American pizza. It is served as a whole pie. In that case, when ordering a pizza, you can’t get a single slice. That’s why it’s a family food because you can share it with your family. Its main ingredient of course is the sauce. Italian pizza doesn’t use canned tomatoes from a store. Instead, an authentic Italian pizza uses a homemade sauce made from fresh tomatoes and herbs. At Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we don’t mix the toppings and sauce when we cook them. Instead, we layer the sauce along with the crust. If you don’t want sauce in your pizza, you can just choose Bianca. It’s a type of pizza that comes with no sauce. Rather, we just drizzle it with olive oil. It’s tasty though. 

Then, the Toppings … 

In an authentic Italian pizza, you can’t find sliced pepperoni. But here at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen we add thinly sliced pepperoni in some of our options. Most of our pizza options include a generous portion of mozzarella, prosciutto, hand-picked herbs, and greens. The greens that we add would include rosemary, capers, arugula, and basil. And if you want popular Italian pizza toppings, we can add eggplant, garlic, and green peppers. As you can see here, Italian pizzas are healthy. They are hearty and flavorful. This is why many Italians don’t get fat when they eat authentic pizza. 

The Crust 

The crust is an important component of an Italian pizza. It’s thin but fluffy. The crust has that characteristic flavor that you can only find in an Italian pizza. Italian pizza makers emphasize on the fresh yeast added and the type of flour when making the perfect base. Then, the crust is hand-stretched before it is cooked at high temperatures. It’s cooked in a wood-fired oven to give you that impeccable quality. 

Eat and Dine Well at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen

Here at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we only want our customers to enjoy healthy options. Our authentic Italian pizza choices will ensure that you eat and dine with us guilt-free. Because we’re an authentic Italian restaurant, we also serve and deliver beer and wine. All of our dishes here are freshly made. It’s one reason our customers keep on returning. They want to eat our Italian dishes that are only made with fresh ingredients. It’s something that you don’t find often in many restaurants in Burbank. 

Ready to Order Your Authentic Italian Pizza

Our pizza Burbank residents love can be delivered to your doorstep when you call us at (818) 909-0100.  


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