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Napoli pizza delivery

Don’t Cook Brussel Sprouts — Order Them Here

Our Napoli pizza delivery service is known for, well, delivering our popular, mouth-watering pizza options in Burbank. Our loyal customers know that our pizza kitchen doesn’t just serve and make the tastiest pizza in the world but we also serve some of the healthiest vegetable meals, like Brussel sprouts. 

Brussel sprouts, per se, aren’t a meal. But they can be a meal when you order them from us as we make the best crispy Brussel sprouts with balsamic glaze. They are a favorite among those who are watching their diet. 

Don’t Forget Brussel Sports When Calling Napoli Pizza Delivery Service

Not all restaurants in Burbank serve vegetable options. They don’t even have crispy Brussel sports on their menu. But that’s what separates us from others. Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen offers a lot of healthy, vegetable meals and healthier pizza options. 

If you don’t like cooking Brussel sprouts because you’re not sure how you can always order them from us. And we all know that eating these vegetables is good for you. They can combat fatty liver disease. Each cup of our crispy Brussel sprouts will give you 12% of your daily fiber intake. In other words, a bowl of these vegetables is healthy for your digestion. 

Napoli pizza delivery

True Italian Dishes

Our Italian restaurant serves true Italian dishes. In that case, you can’t just expect to order Brussel sprouts and pizza here. Instead, you can choose a variety of food options from our menu. That’s why if you want to experience a true Italian dish, our Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is the best place to go. Even though there’s still a pandemic, we’re open and accepting orders online. You can also drop by our shop, order and take it out. 

Uses Fresh Ingredients 

Because we’re an Italian restaurant, you can be sure that we only use fresh ingredients in our meals. We practice the traditional way of preparing food. In that case, you can expect that there’s extra virgin oil in your food when you order it from Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. 

Balsamic vinegar is another ingredient that we typically add to some of our dishes. It’s a different kind of vinegar because it makes the food tastier and healthier. We marinate our meat using this vinegar. We also add it to our salads. When you get that tangy flavor in your palate, you can be sure that it’s Balsamic vinegar that’s giving you that taste. 

All the Pizza That You Want 

Of course, our Italian restaurant is widely known for its delicious pizza options. You can order our specialty pies, like the Napoli’s Combo, Hawaiian, Margarita, Vegetarian, Spinach Artichoke Pie, and BBQ Chicken, among others. Or you can just build your own pie. You can choose from many flavors and opt for the special sauce that you want. 

If you’re not sure what to order and use our Napoli Pizza delivery, please give us a call (818) 909-0100. Just tell us what you’re craving and we’ll help you find the meal that will surely satisfy your palate. 

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