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Napoli pizza delivery

Napoli Pizza Delivery to Finally Eat Your Favorite Toppings

But before you use our Napoli pizza delivery service, make sure you have decided what toppings you want for your pie. So, what’s your favorite pizza toppings? 

Napoli pizza delivery

Napoli Pizza Delivery to Order Authentic Pizza 

What makes Pizza Kitchen unique is that we only use fresh high-quality ingredients. It has become a tradition to us to only offer our valued customers fresh ingredients to give you a unique, authentic pizza. Have you heard of our egg gondola pies? Pretty sure you haven’t yet especially if you have not eaten in our restaurant. Our egg gondola pies are unique and you can only find and order them here. But what are they? They are pies shaped like a gondola. As mentioned, we only add fresh ingredients like cheese, meat, and vegetables.You may also pick from our original egg pie that has feta cheese. Or if you’re a pork lover, opt for our egg pie with tomatoes and bacon. 

Our Toppings 

Pizza Kitchen offers different toppings. We all know that you can top it with any toppings that your heart desires. But is less is more when it comes to pizza toppings? Absolutely. Keep in mind that pizza bases must not be loaded with toppings. The reason for this is that more toppings will only weigh down the dough. In that case, the crust won’t rise and it’ll be soggy. In that case, when we make your pizza, we ensure that we only add enough toppings so the pie won’t be sloppy when you pick it up. 

Reheating Leftovers 

You can always reheat Napoli’s pizza leftovers. And if you need to, you can use your microwave. However, don’t be surprised that the crust will become soft. Instead, use a covered skillet to ensure that the crust will become crisp again. But many of our customers are saying that if they can consume all of it, they can just place the leftovers in the fridge. Then, if they get hungry again, they can eat the pie directly from the fridge. Then again, it’s up to you what your preferences are when it comes to eating pizza. No one must tell you how you take your pizza. Just do as you please. 

Looking for Authentic Pizza

One reason our restaurant has become a popular place for dining in or take out is that we only offer authentic pizza with fresh vegetables and high-quality meats. We also add fresh mozzarella cheeses. We only use made-to-order homemade crust to ensure you get the best, tastiest pizza in Napoli. The toppings that we offer here are unique because you won’t find them in any other restaurants. For instance, you can’t find toppings with roasted Brussel or basturma. They are your typical Italian toppings and you rarely can find them in a typical American pizza. 

Craving for Lamb Sausage Pizza

Have you tried this one yet? If not, then make sure to use our Napoli pizza delivery and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. It’s one of the pies you must try. Call us for more inquiries: (818) 909-0100. 


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