Best pizza in the valley


What makes Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen different from other pizzerias?

Our pizza is made with traditional artisan recipes. Plus, we only use the freshest, high-quality ingredients. We make our dough by hand and allow it to rise naturally. As a result, it gives our pizza a unique flavor and texture.

What types of pizza do you offer?

We offer a variety of authentic Italian pizza options, including the classic Margherita, pepperoni, and specialty pizza like prosciutto arugula pizza, portobello mushroom pizza, brussels sprouts pizza, and a lot more. You can also build your own pizza.

What is on your menu?

We honor the Italian tradition of cooking from scratch so we can guarantee we are serving you delicious classic Italian food. We are known in Van Nuys for our artisanal brick oven pizza and homemade Italian signature dishes.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?

Yes, we offer a lot of gluten-free crust and vegan options for our customers with dietary restrictions. If you are in doubt, you may contact our customer support team to ask about the ingredients we use in our pizza and other items.

What ingredients do you use in your pizza?

We only use the best ingredients, including locally sourced tomatoes, vegetables, and meats, as well as premium cheeses. When making our dough, we only use organic flour and natural yeast to ensure that our customers will enjoy its distinct flavor.

Can I customize my pizza order?

Absolutely. We offer a range of toppings and sauces that you can choose from so that you can customize your pizza. For the cheese, you may opt for feta, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, or vegan. You can choose from our number of sauce options, like Alfredo, BBQ, pesto, and pizza sauce. Our meat options are bountiful, from Canadian bacon to prosciutto and more. For vegetarians, you may want to include artichokes, baby spinach, and basil black olives, among others

Do you offer delivery or takeout?

Yes, we offer both delivery and takeout options for our customers. Just place your order online or by phone. We will have it ready for you to pick up or deliver straight to your door. You may call us to confirm your order or if you have more inquiries about the pizza and other items on our menu.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 11 AM to 10 PM except for Friday and Saturday when we’re open till 11 PM.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

Yes, we offer specials and discounts, including deals on large orders. You should watch out for our specials during holidays and special occasions. To stay up-to-date, make sure to follow us on our social media accounts. You may want to sign up for our newsletter as we send promo codes that you can use to obtain the discounts through email.

Can I place a pre-order for pickup or delivery?

Yes, you can place a pre-order for pickup or delivery up to 24 hours in advance. With this, you can plan for their next meal or event.

What is your policy for returns or refunds?

We strive to ensure that every pizza you order satisfies your palate. However, for any reason you are not satisfied, you may contact us immediately so we can make it right. But we cannot promise you we will provide returns or refunds.

Can I see a menu before placing my order?

Yes, you will see a menu before you can place your order online through our site. You may also order by phone. You can also order drinks that go perfectly with your pizza. We deliver our popular beverages within Van Nuys.

Do you offer catering services for events and parties?

Currently, we do not offer catering services. But you can order in bulk that you can serve for your events or a party that you host. We recommend ordering our variety of options to ensure that you have enough food for your guests.

How long does it take to prepare your pizza?

The preparation time varies depending on the toppings and crust you selected. Typically, it takes around 25 to 20 minutes to prepare a pizza. But, that changes due to time of day, how busy we are, etc.

Do you offer alcoholic beverages?

Yes, we have a great selection of drinks. You may choose Aqua Panda, Ginger Ale, IBC root beer, or San Pelligrino. For our wine, you may visit our kitchen in Van Nuys and order our popular wines that you can take out.

Can I make special requests for my pizza order?

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate special requests. You may want us to add extra sauce or specific toppings. If there are specific instructions you want us to follow, make sure to let us know before placing your order. However, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill all your requests.

What are some of your most popular pizzas at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen?

Probably our best-selling pizza is Margarita. That said, there are no bad answers here. Many of our customers love other options, such as Prosciutto arugula pizza, lamb sausage pizza, and spinach artichoke pizza, among others.

Are you open for lunch?

We open at 11 AM. So, we’re open just in time for an early lunch or a delicious late breakfast.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, we accept reservations. Call ahead to reserve your table.

Do you sell gift cards?

Currently, we do not sell gift cards to our loyal customers.