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Gluten-Free Pizza Crust and Regular Pizza Crust: Any Difference

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, would it be pizza? Many people said, “yes.” Millions of people around the world love pizza. Unfortunately, some can’t eat it because of their gluten sensitivity. Thus, when they contact Napolis Pizza Kitchen for pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks, they want to know if we offer gluten-free crust. 

Gluten-Free Crust Pizza Delivery in Sherman Oaks

The main difference between gluten-free crust and regular crust is the lack of gluten. That is, the former has no gluten while the latter is full of it. And Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen offers gluten-free crust in a medium 12”. 

Why Many Pizza Lovers Would Opt for Gluten-Free? 

According to Hopkins Medicine, “Gluten is a protein found in the wheat plant and some other grains.” The post added that “Humans have digestive enzymes that help us break down food. Protease is the enzyme that helps our body process proteins, but it can’t completely break down gluten. Undigested gluten makes its way to the small intestine. Most people can handle the undigested gluten with no problems. But in some people, gluten can trigger a severe autoimmune response or other unpleasant symptoms.” 

Gluten triggers celiac disease causing a great number of health complications. Thus, if you have such a disease, eating par-baked pizza crust may not be the best option. Thankfully, with gluten-free pizza crust, millions of Americans with the said disease can now enjoy pizza. 

Will the Taste Change? 

There’s won’t be a huge difference when it comes to the taste. But it will still hinge on the toppings you choose. Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen offers different toppings. You can opt for lamb sausage, fresh mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and many more. For a complete list, please check out our menu. 

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen Specialty Pies 

If you can eat regular pizza crust, then make sure not to miss our specialty pies when you’re in our pizza kitchen. There are several options to choose from. If you’re vegetarian, though, we highly recommend Brussels sprouts. It has real bacon, though. But you can ask to take it out from the list of ingredients. 

On the other hand, if you like shrimp, you may choose our Pesto Chicken or Shrimp. As the name suggests, it includes Pesto sauce, grilled shrimp, red onions, and tomatoes. You can replace shrimp with grilled chicken. When you place an order, make sure to add bottles of beer or wine. These beverages bring out the best flavors of pizza. 

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Order and Deliver Pizza 

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is just one of the few pizzerias that offer gluten-free crusts. We offer better choices to ensure that every person, even those with celiac disease, can enjoy this beloved food. 

Order a box of gluten-free pizza crust today and pick the toppings you prefer. Our pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks is available. Call us now to place your order: (818) 909-0100


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