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How Good is Italian Pizza That You Need to Use Pizza Delivery?

Italian pizza is so good that many people in Sherman Oaks want it delivered to their doorstep. Thankfully, it is easy to order online. Just call our pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks, and our Italian pizza will be at your doorstep in no time. 

Pizza Delivery in Sherman Oaks for People Craving Italian Dishes 

You can’t blame people for craving Italian dishes. After all, Italian cuisine is tasty and healthy, unlike some American food. And when it comes to Italian dishes, pizza is always on top of the list. Italian pizza is nothing like American, which is full of toppings. Instead, authentic Italian pizza is made of fewer fresh ingredients. 

What’s in the Cheese? 

In Italy, the toppings are fresh. They are not stuffed with cheese. That’s why you can taste the fresh tomatoes and others. Although you can add more cheese, keeping your pizza Italian means you must stick to a few ingredients. The cheese mixture is added after the tomato sauce is spread across the dough. This will ensure you get a tough crust. 

The Base 

Another distinct quality of Italian pizza is the crust. It is made of wheat flour, yeast, olive oil, and water. The dough is kneaded to form a web-like structure when it is baked. For the perfect light and crispy crust, the dough is allowed to rise for 48 hours

Authentic Italian Sauce 

The basis of pizza toppings is a classic tomato sauce. But you can have any variation, including Alfredo sauce and arugula pesto. 

Intense and Savory 

The Italian-style pizza has a more intense flavor. You might have tried the American version. However, if you have tasted Italian pizza, you’ll never go back to eating the US version again. 

Italian pizza is not as commercialized as the American version. That’s why if you want to experience authentic Italian pizza, make sure to look at the menu and investigate the ingredients. As mentioned, Italian pizza uses fewer ingredients. Then again, you are free to add more toppings if you wish. 

How is the Pizza Baked? 

Most American pizzerias don’t use stone wood-fired ovens. That’s why their pizza can’t achieve a crispy crust. Here at Napolis Pizza Kitchen, we bake our pizza in a wood-burning oven to ensure that the crust is cooked at high heat. A hot oven is vital to help the bread rise by heating steam so it will expand. The high heat will also guarantee you get a nice golden-brown color crust. 

The Best Part of Pizza? 

Whether you want to add more toppings or stick to a few ingredients, the best part of pizza is you can eat it with your hands. And you can pair it with any type of beverage. 

If you have not tried Italian pizza before, you can start now by calling Napolis Pizza Kitchen for pizza delivery in Sherman Oaks. We guarantee you that you won’t forget the taste. And you won’t go back to eating the American version again. Call us today to know more: (818) 909-0100


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