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How is Italian Pizza Compared to Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is one of the brands that sell pizza. But its pizza is the American version. Both Italian pizza and American pizza use dough, cheese, and sauce. But they are different in various ways. And generally, Italian pizza is better than the American version. As it is the original version. If you don’t believe us, try searching for a ”pizza kitchen near me that offers Italian pizza and order one of the options. 

What Makes Italian Pizza Kitchen “Near Me” Better than Pizza Hut or Other American Pizza Brands? 

Italian pizza is like wine. The taste is always personal. It means that one person likes the American version while the other loves the simplicity of Italian pizza. In that case, one is not better than the other. Rather, it depends on the person who will eat it. That is, if you love Italian food, then you’ll find authentic Italian pizza to be better than Pizza Hut. 

Eating Pizza is an Experience 

In Italy, eating pizza is different from eating pizza in the US. Italians love to pair their pizza with beer. And one pizza is good for one person. You can’t find a small, medium, or large. However, at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we serve different sizes. That is you can have smaller 10” pizzas. For extra large, you get an 18-inch pizza that you can divide into 12 slices. Despite the different sizes, we follow how Italians make pizza. That is, we use the freshest ingredients we can find. 

The Cheese and the Sauce 

The tomatoes in Italian pizza are San marzano or Promodorino del Piennolo del vesuvio. They have thicker flesh so they can offer a sweeter flavor. And when you get a taste, they offer a less acidic bite. 

The cheese can help you identify Italian from American pizza. The latter gets it very wrong. A true Italian pizza is made with fresh mozzarella-certified Mozzarella di buffala campana. 

Generally, pizza is better in Italy than in the American version. However, the taste is completely subjective. Then again, Italian pizza is consistently good. The reason for this is that Italians take pizza seriously. It uses the freshest ingredients and the technique used is an art. 

Who Wins in the Battle? 

You. Your preference is the most important thing when it comes to eating pizza. You might be the person who likes tomato sauce and less creative pizza toppings. However, if you’re the type of person who wants variety in flavor, then opt for American pizza. 

On the other hand, if you miss Italian pizza, you can go to Napoli’s Pizza kitchen and order one of our authentic Italian pies. We invite you to try our specialty pies, from margaritas to tomato and basil to meat lovers. You can also be creative by building your own pie. That is, you can combine Italian and American pizza. It depends on your taste. 

If you are still searching for a pizza kitchen “near me,” just dial this number and order our authentic Italian pizza at: (818) 909-0100


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