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Identifying Good Pizza: Does the Crust Matter?

You can score the best pizza Sherman Oaks when you visit or call Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen. We treat pizza as an art form that can be healthy. 

The Great Ingredients in the Best Pizza in Sherman Oaks 

The secret to our best pizza is the great ingredients we use. The sauces, cheeses, and toppings are of the highest quality and we only apply them with moderation, unlike the American pizzaWe treat our Italian pizza as more than a dish. It’s a celebration of flavors that can surely burst in your mouth. If you’re accustomed to American pizza, then you might be surprised that the Italian pizza base is a bit thinner, crispier, and lighter. This is why we say we treat pizza as an art that our chef has mastered. Kneading the soft dough requires certain skills that only a true romantic can master. These skills help in achieving a consistently thin crust. We use the right yeast and salt season proportion. In addition to making a pizza base, the dough can affect the pizza’s unique texture. It holds the flavors together to ensure that when you eat our Italian pizza, you will experience being transported to Italy. 

Fresh Tomato Sauce 

No, we don’t use those sauces that you can find in a grocery store. Instead, we make fresh tomato sauce straight from our kitchen. It means that the tomatoes aren’t cooked at all. The sauce is prepared by simply peeling the tomatoes and blanched them with salt, virgin oil, and fresh basil. And these are the reasons you get an original taste of Italian pizza. 

Flavorsome Cheese

It’s not the best pizza if it doesn’t have the right cheese. It makes the pizza more flavorful and delights your taste buds. We don’t use low-grade cheese because we know that it ruins the authenticity of our Italian pizza. But that’s not all. Low-grade cheeses aren’t good for our health. Since we only promote healthy eating at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we make sure to only use high-quality cheese that our patrons love. 

The Unique Toppings

To complete the authentic Italian pizza, we use the right toppings. We can sometimes go bold by flirting with textures and flavors. However, we love to stick to the basic traditional Italian pizza toppings. It means that we add fresh basil leaves, red tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. In some of our pies, we can sprinkle some oregano. But all pies have fresh olive oil. Some of our pies have artichokes, sausage, salami, black olives, anchovies, and provolone, among others. You can also try our pies with shaved Parmesan, zucchini, smoked bacon, and eggplant. If you’ve been drooling over while reading this post, we apologize. But you can stop drooling and get a taste of our best pizza in Sherman Oaks by calling us here to place your order: (818) 909-0100.

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