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Italian restaurant in Van Nuys

Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys Delivering to Your Doorstep

The pandemic is nearly over. Thanks to the availability of vaccines. However, we still need to follow social distancing. And if you’re craving Italian food, then our Italian restaurant in Van Nuys got you covered. No time to shop because of your work from the home setup? Just tell us what you want to eat and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Italian restaurant in Van Nuys

Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys for Your Family at Home 

When it comes to food, no one can beat the delicious offering of an Italian restaurant. That’s because we serve real food. Our pizza, for instance, has powerful flavors. We add rich spices to our pies and mix them well with other toppings. The fresh vegetables add texture to our signature pizza. When you eat our pizza, no matter what flavor you choose, you are going to experience plenty of flavors. At Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, we only use high-quality ingredients to make sure that you will savor the richest flavors. Every customer we serve becomes a part of our family. And that’s the reason we only serve the tastiest meal and deliver it to your home if you can’t make it to our Van Nuys location. 


Is It Real Italian? 

That’s what our customers are asking and we’re here to say that we pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients. And so, yes, we only serve pure Italian. How’s that? In Italy, people there only use fresh ingredients and they also follow only homemade recipes. And Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is no different. Our authentic recipes have been with us for decades. We only use family recipes to help us connect. We also use fresh vegetables from the garden, homemade sauce, and freshly picked tomatoes. The dough that we use is made with ingredients that you can easily pronounce. It means that they are real ingredients and not those harmful chemicals. 


Wholesome Ingredients 

If you have eaten one of our pies, you might wonder how we created the best flavors? Well, as mentioned, we only use wholesome ingredients. Our chef makes our pizza dough every morning before topping it with our homemade sauce and all-natural cheese. The best part of it all is that our toppings are endless. Thanks to our extensive menus. The chicken that we serve here is hormone-free and we only use cheese sans fillers. You may order our signature pizzas or create your own by combining your favorite toppings. Check out our extensive menu. 


Easy Ordering 

Your favorite pizza from Napoli’s can be delivered to your doorstep. You can order from your couch and we’ll prepare it. It’s that simple. Just choose your favorite meals from our menu. The next thing you know, you’ll be eating our fresh authentic Italian pizza. Our Italian restaurant will deliver your order from anywhere you are in Van Nuys and surrounding neighborhoods. So, if you’re craving Italian for lunch or dinner, just dial this number: (818) 909-0100. Our Italian restaurant in Van Nuys is also open for dining in and date night. 


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