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Italian Restaurants on Your First Date: Is It a Good Idea?

Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks may be the last place you want to go to for your first date. But if you don’t consider them, then you’re missing out a lot. Remember that your first date has to be memorable. You don’t need to take your date to a fancy restaurant where you can order the most expensive food. Instead, consider taking her to a place where the two of you can enjoy eating and talking. 

What Italian Restaurants in Sherman Oaks to Consider? 

There are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you wish to have an exciting night with your date, choose Napolis Pizza Kitchen. And yes, you have to order pizza. Why pizza? 

Your Date will Love It 

Pizza is a well-loved food. According to the Guardian, “Pizza truly is America’s national food, statistically speaking. That’s not because one in eight people in the US over the age of two will eat pizza on any given day. It’s because, unlike other food groups, the chance an American will eat a slice doesn’t vary much by gender or race.” Thus, even if you don’t know what type of food she likes, it’s likely that she’ll love eating pizza. 


Pizza is the perfect option for your first date or even a date night with your spouse. It’s a type of food that won’t break the bank. Even though it’s affordable, it’s not a cheap option. Your date won’t think of you as cheap. Rather, she’ll think that you’re simply the type of person who loves life and food. Then, if your date doesn’t go well, at least you didn’t spend more on it. There’s nothing to lose when you choose to have your date night at Napolis Pizza Kitchen. The food options here are affordable and we guarantee you that your date will love every bite. 

Stimulate Conversations 

There’s a reason pizza is considered comfort food. An Italian restaurant that serves pizza has a cozy setup. It makes it a perfect place for your first date. The two of you can relax without having the desire to turn the table. You just enjoy having a bottle of beer or a glass of wine while you’re eating slices of pizza. Talk about what she likes about pizza. Get to know each other, instead of trying hard to impress your date. After all, your first date is your chance to know whether the two of you are compatible. 

Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks

Choose the Best 

Once she said yes to a date with you, it’s time to choose the best place where you can take her. Italian restaurants in Sherman Oaks must be on top of your list. At Napolis Pizza Kitchen, you’ll find a relaxed ambiance and delicious, authentic Italian pizza. However, if she said no to a date, you can always order a box of pizza here (818) 909-0100 and enjoy every slice on your own. You’ll never regret it. 


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