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Napoli’s Brings Artisan Pizza to Van Nuys, NoHo, and Beyond

Have you been looking for the best pizza in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Valley Village, and the surrounding area? Are you tired of settling for the same old same old pizza places over and over again? Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen has arrived in the area. That means that there’s now artisan pizza in Van Nuys and the surrounding environs. So, when you want a higher caliber of pizza (and more) it’s right here. There are plenty of reasons that folks have turned to Napoli’s for great pizza over the years. 

Actual Artisan Pizza in Van Nuys 

You can go just about anywhere and find someone who’ll put tomato sauce on the crust, throw on some cheese, and shove it in some kind of oven. Sure, that could be “pizza,” perhaps, but it’s certainly not artisan pizza. That’s what we create here at Napoli’s. These are handcrafted pizzas, made from recipes passed down through generations, cooked to demanding specifications. The best ingredients utilized by experienced professionals – that’s what every pizza we offer is here. 

A Different Kind of Pizza 

When we say “artisan” pizza, that means more than just a high caliber of ingredients, it also means that we offer different kinds of pizzas, too. For one, our “prosciutto arugula pizza” is unlike just about anything else you’ll find throughout the Valley. For starters, it has all kinds of top quality prosciutto and shaved parmesan with a sprinkling of mozzarella as well as smoked mozzarella. We also offer our special Napoli’s Combo Pizza. It’s our special, unique blend of red onions, sausage, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and of course pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese. That’s just some of what we offer you can’t find elsewhere. 

Classics and Beyond 

That having been said, we don’t just pride ourselves on offering pizzas that you can’t find elsewhere. We’re also proud to be able to offer a higher-caliber kind of classic pizzas. To that end, we have a Margherita pizza unlike any you’ve ever had before. Our Meat Lovers Pizza, to name another, is for those who truly have a real love of meat. Beyond the meatballs, sausage, and pepperoni you’d expect, we also top it off with the finest Canadian bacon as well as “real” bacon, too. The unique pizzas you can only find here as well as a better version of your favorites – that’s what you can expect at Napoli’s. 

More Than Pizza 

Pizza is what we’re best known for. “Pizza” is what we have in our name. But, while we’re a “pizza kitchen”, there’s more than just pizza right here. Indeed, we offer plenty of fantastic wines and beers to make a great night that much more special. Before you finish the pizza, our appetizers will get your appetite raring to go as well. To see everything that we have and to place an order, head to our site. You can also give us a call at (818) 909-9004.

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