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Pasta Passion: Exploring Pasta Menu at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen

To all the food lovers out there, bored of home-cooked food and looking for a perfect pasta party, here is an unforgettable lifetime pasta experience for you – Pasta menu at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen! Yes, you heard that right. We at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen bake and stake everything—literally everything: from sublime salad to pepperoni pizza and from steaming hot sandwiches to dainty drinks—but the best of all is our pasta. Want to try it out? Read on!

About the Pasta Menu At Napoli’s: 

We at Napolis Pizza Kitchen offer our young foodies tired of limited home-cooked meals complete liberty to choose from our seven different dishes in pasta menu. And if you are still not in the mood to try one of those, you guys can actually order custom pasta cooked like you always wanted it to be. However, before you really decide to go for the tailor-made pasta, let us present you with the prestigious mouth-watering and tantalizing pasta dishes we have in store for you. Maybe one of those makes your day!

Chicken Parmesan Pasta:

Our first pasta dish, Chicken Parmesan Pasta, is basically a treat to retreat yourself with. A mixture of breaded chicken, beaten with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and marinara sauce dipped in penne pasta. Chicken Parmesan Pasta is going to be one-of-a-kind pasta you guys would have never tried out!

Fettuccine Alfredo:

But but but, if Parmesan Chicken is not your niche, go for the superb Fettucine Alfredo Pasta—and trust me, you’ll desire nothing better. The crunch and munch and the juicy mixture of Fettucine pasta and Alfredo sauce served with chicken pieces and garnished coriander will be much of a treat for your day-long growling stomachs. However, if you’ve already tried these out, don’t forget to experience the yummiest Fettuccine Carbonara. 

But what is Fettuccine Carbonara?

For all of you who can’t stand chicken anymore, we’ve got you covered with Fettuccine Carbonara! It’s a crazy combination of fettuccine, creamy cream sauce, the freshest peas, parsley, garlic, and parmesan cheese blended with the best bacon. Try it out before the time runs out! Or, if you are more of a vegetarian and shun meat, let us offer you something else: The Premium Parm Pasta with Grilled Eggplants add-ons. Want to know more about this one? Come along!

The Parm Pasta Pilgrimage!

The Pasta Pilgrimage is a sacred eatery full of saucy, savory, tender grilled eggplant bites blended with marinara sauce, penne pasta, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Already troubled with hunger pangs? Try this one, and have a great, great day. However, don’t forget to save Porbello Mushroom Pasta in your hearts of hearts for the next time mum is not cooking because…

Portobello Mushroom Pasta is simply a love for the vegetarians out there. Trust us, with no meat and malice, this one-of-a-kind pasta is just a true ticket to your once-in-a-lifetime lunch or brunch experience. Topped with coriander and salad sprinkles, the portobello mushrooms are tossed with penne pasta, creamy cream sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh cilantro, and whatnot. So pick up the phone and order it online if you don’t want to drive downtown. 

Disclaimer: If anyone wants some spaghetti beaten into it, scroll down…

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro:

Superb spicy spaghetti pomodoro – as the name recommends – this one’s going to drive you crazy. Love it or hate it, but you simply can’t skip it: The charismatic fusion of ripe grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and marinara sauce together with a splash of spaghetti splendor. By the way, how about coupling this one with vegetarian Pasta (a cute combination of olive oil, garlic, grape tomatoes, and the best basil.

Try out our Pasta Menu at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen! Order one now, or if waiting for the delivery is too much to handle, join us for a cozy dine-in experience.

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