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pizza delivery in Van Nuys

The Best Reward for Social Distancing? Pizza, of course!

Quarantine life is probably something you’d like to put behind you by now, just as we would love to move on to reopening and having our lovely customers come back for dine-in service. Unfortunately, COVID-19 still poses a big risk to the health of the Los Angeles community, so Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen will still be offering take out and pizza delivery in Van Nuys for the time being. Eventually, we will have dine-in service again when it’s safe. 

Pizza for Social Distancing Parties, Theater Nights at Home, and More!

We’d all love a normal California summer filled with plenty of time on the beach, socializing with friends and family, unwinding, and just enjoying the time of year where everything slows down a bit. However, this year we’re trading in the parties for smaller gatherings in our backyards. Having a few friends over for an outdoor party and staying 6ft apart is the safest way to socialize in person this summer. Building a bonfire, jumping in the pool, or even doing an outdoor movie night are all great ways to stay connected this summer. Of course, to keep things simple, you’ll need the best takeout in Van Nuys to serve your guests. 

pizza delivery in Van Nuys

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen’s Extensive Menu is sure to please anyone. While pizza is our specialty, we offer wings, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers. Our menu is always available online and easy to send to friends or family members looking for something specific. 

Beer and Wine Delivery for Any Occasion 

Of course, a social distancing “party” wouldn’t be complete without a few bottles of wine or beer. Napoli’s offers 4 beer options: Lagunitas IPA, Stella Artois, Peroni, and Modelo, and 4 wine options: Maggio Pinot Noir, La Playa Chardonnay, Maggio Cabernet Sauvignon, and Maggio Pinot Grigio, all for delivery only. 


These options were carefully selected to complement our menu. If you are ordering pizza, we suggest a lighter beer, like a Peroni, or a glass of the Maggio Cabernet Sauvignon. For pasta entrees, you can’t go wrong with the Maggio Pinot Grigio or a Stella Artois. When it comes to our delicious friend appetizers, the Lagunitas IPA is our first choice!


Reward Yourself for Staying In 

We know how tempting it is to be out and about after a long few months of social distancing and staying at home. While many people are back to socializing in large groups, we applaud our fans who are staying diligent and doing their part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

We encourage you to reward yourself and others by treating each other to the best pizza delivery in Van Nuys. Order online: or call us today: 818.909.0100 

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