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The Ingredients Matter in Authentic Italian Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy. What many people love about authentic Italian pizza in Burbank is the number of ingredients included. American-style pizza is filled with meat while Italian-style pizza is quite different. And the ingredients can tell you whether or not the pizza is American or Italian. 

Ingredients in Italian Pizza in Burbank 

What separates Napolis Pizza Kitchen is that we follow how Neapolitans make authentic pizza. One way to distinguish it is in the ingredients. The fewer the ingredients in the pizza, the more Italian it is. If it comes with six or seven ingredients, then it’s not Italian. The reason for this is that Italian food, in general, aims to bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients. In that case, Italian dishes don’t pile on various ingredients on top of the other. 

Overdoing the Ingredients 

A pizza is faux Italian if it overdoes things. That is, it has several toppings. With several ingredients on top of each other, you’re getting an American combination of flavors. Although it still has Italian charm, pure Italians would find it gross. Another thing to consider is how fresh the ingredients are. Most American pizza opts for whole foods. The American-style pizza uses garlic dried herbs, like dried basil or parsley. It also uses cheddar cheese and cayenne pepper. They are not Italian. 

The Simplicity of Italian Pizza 

Italians love straightforward meals. That is, they don’t like those long complex recipes. Even though they like simplicity, Italian flavors are bold. They are tasty. Even though the use of herbs and spices is discrete, Italians add them not to overpower the entire dish. 

How to Eat Italian Pizza at Home? 

The ongoing pandemic still forces us to remain indoors. Thus, if you’re craving Italian dishes, like pizza, you might be tempted to find video tutorials to teach you how to make one. The problem is that true Italian pizza calls for fresh ingredients. You may find some of them in a farmer’s market.

For instance, to make tomato sauce, you need fresh tomatoes. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find them in the US. And if you some, you have to pay more. That’s why if you crave authentic Italian pizza, just order them from Napolis Pizza Kitchen. Our pies here are made of fresh ingredients. We only purchase them from the farmer’s markets that offer organic products. With our Italian roots, we understand how organic produce affects the taste of many dishes. 

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Order and Deliveries 

If you can’t go out of your house for some reason but you’re craving Italian dishes, like pizza, then make sure to give us a call. Napolis Pizza Kitchen offers authentic Italian pizza made of fresh ingredients. We’ll deliver it to your doorstep. However, if you can stop by our Italian restaurant, you can order any pies that we have along with beer and wine. To start ordering Italian pizza in Burbank, please give us a call at (818) 909-0100


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