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The Must-Have Pizza Toppings for Your Pizza Party at Home

Are you having a good old-fashioned pizza party at home with your family and friends? Although it’s not yet advisable to have a huge party, you can invite one or three close friends to come over. Since it’s a pizza party, your friends will expect you to provide them with the best toppings. If you’re wondering where to order toppings that don’t disappoint, you may search “pizza kitchen near me” on Google and you’ll find Napolis Pizza Kitchen on the first page. 


What is the Best Pizza Kitchen “Near Me”?

We’re located at Burbank Boulevard in Van Nuys. Our pizza kitchen is a small pizzeria that uses fresh ingredients to ensure that every person will love it. Unlike other pizza places in Van Nuys, Napolis Pizza offers a wide array of options. You can even choose to make your pizza or choose a pizza that fits someone’s diet. 


Highly Recommended Pizza Toppings for Your Pizza Party


  • Meat Lovers. As the name implies, this pie is loaded with healthy meat, such as Canadian bacon, real bacon, sausage, and meatballs. 
  • Vegetarian. If one of your invitees doesn’t meat at all, then this option is your best bet. This pizza is topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, fresh garlic, and artichoke. 
  • Hawaiian. This kind of pizza will tell you that you’re not messing around. It’s a real favorite for any home pizza party. Topped with mozzarella, Canadian bacon, and pineapple, you really can’t go wrong with it. 
  • Cheese lovers. This option wants you to be cheesy during your pizza party. It comes with three different types of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and parmesan. 
  • BBQ pizza. If you’re a fan of the California pizza kitchen experience with a hint of Italian, then you can’t go wrong with BBQ chicken. It’s topped with mozzarella and grilled chicken. 


Another option is to just build your pie. For the sauce, you can choose from bbq sauce, alfredo sauce, and white sauce. For the meat toppings, you can opt for pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, Canadian bacon, real bacon, and anchovies among others. Call us to know how you can build your own pizza so you can choose what toppings to add. 


What Drinks to Serve? 

You and your friends are going to need something to drink and enjoy your pizza with. For your home pizza party, beer is always the favorite. Beer and pizza are always the best pair. They are like ice cream and chocolate sauce. Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen also delivers beer or you can pick a few bottles at our pizzeria. Our bottles of Model or Peroni are waiting for you when you call us. 


However, if you have kids at home, we recommend serving them sparkling red grapes. It’s bubbly and looks like it’s a grown-up drink. Of course, you should have their favorite carbonated drinks that can go extremely well with pizza. 

pizza kitchen near me

Start Your Party! 

Well, not yet. Call us today to place your order. Don’t search for “pizza kitchen near me” again. Just dial this number and will deliver your drinks and pizza for your pizza party at home. (818) 909-0100. 


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