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Science of the Oven:

The Science of the Oven: How Napoli’s Gets it Just Right

The oven at Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen has long been known for its authentic Napoli-style pizza, which embodies the essence of Italy. But at the heart of this Napoli-style pizza lies a careful baking process that cooks everything, from the dough to the toppings, to perfection. Let’s understand how Napoli’s gets its oven settings just right to create pizzas that melt in your mouth.

The Artisanal Tradition

In order to create authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, you need to adhere to tradition. At Napoli’s, this tradition has always been upheld, especially in the art of baking. For Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, the oven is not just a tool; it is rather a vessel of tradition and craft.

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Understanding How the Oven Cooks the Pizza:

The oven at Napoli’s does not just cook the pizza from above or below. Rather, it creates a pocket for cooking the pizza from every side with intense heat and gentle warmth. Having a pocket in the oven is essential to cook the traditional Napoli-style pizza.

The Role of Temperature:

The baking process is significantly affected by temperature changes; the right temperature will not only cook the crust but also give that golden caramelized hue to the toppings. The floor of the oven is maintained at a constant temperature; this constant oven floor temperature ensures that the base is cooked evenly and is neither too hard nor too soft.

What About the Toppings?

Not only does the dough need to be cooked properly, but the toppings also get cooked and caramelized during the baking process.  The skilled chefs carefully layer each topping, keeping in mind how they will react to the heat. From the blistering of the tomatoes to the caramelization of the cheese, each ingredient contributes to the unforgettable flavors of the pizza.

Browning and Beyond:

As the pizza cooks in the oven, a simultaneous reaction in the oven gives it its golden and caramelized hues. However, it is not just about achieving the perfect shade; it is about the balance. Too much heat and the crust burns; too little, and the flavors remain underdeveloped.

Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen is not just concerned with the browning of pizza; rather, their pizzas appeal to every sense. The aromas, the bubbly cheese look, and the crispy crust all contribute to the utmost pizza experience.

Grab your Favorites from Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen:

For Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, pizza isn’t just a goal; it is a journey. Napoli’s artisans have centuries-old knowledge of tradition and an in-depth awareness of the science of the baking process. Each pizza that comes out of the oven is more than a meal; it shows the dedication of Napolis Pizza Kitchen to making pizzas that are truly authentic.

Every pizza from Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen tells a story of Italian culinary tradition. Visit our website, explore our menu, and enjoy the most authentic Napoli’s Pizzas.

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