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What’s the Best Thing to do When It Rains? — Eat Pizza

When it’s raining, you can enjoy the weather sitting at home and craving a hot, cheese pizza with your favorite meat toppings. To satisfy your desires, you need to Google “pizza kitchen near me” and have your favorite pizza delivered to your doorstep. Or if you’re near Burbank Boulevard, you may just walk in Napolis Pizza Kitchen and order our artisan pies. If you want, you can order our pasta, salads, and sandwiches to go so you don’t need to cook food the following day. 

Pizza Kitchen Near Me” Delivers Your Pizza —- Now What?

A rainy day must not be a reason for you to be lazy. But once in a while, you want to pamper yourself and just watch your favorite movies on Netflix while munching your favorite cheesy, meaty pizza. This is a perfect activity with your kids or a great cuddle time with your partner. Cuddling with your loved ones and eating pizza is a great combination to relieve your stress. Try it out. 

Learn to Make Pizza 

There are several YouTube videos that can show you how to make homemade pizza. You just need to shop for the ingredients if you don’t have them at home. Experiment a bit. To find inspiration, check out our menus and try to mimic one or some of our specialty pies. However, we’ll warn you that the ingredients that we use are fresh. We follow how real Italians make pizza. The procedure is quite complex. 

Lip Sync Battle 

Another way to pass the time while it’s raining outside is to have lip sync battle with your kids or family members. If you’re alone in your house, though, you can have a Zoom call with your friends. Of course, after the battle, you’ll get hungry and want a satisfying meal before turning in. And the best way to satisfy your hunger is pizza. Have you tried our egg gondola pies? They are some of the best things you can find at Napolis Pizza Kitchen. Our customers highly recommend them. Try egg pie and basturma and let us know what you think. 

Is It Okay to Order Pizza at Home? 

It’s perfectly okay to order pizza on a rainy day. Don’t worry about our delivery guys because we equip them with a raincoat. They are trained to ensure that your pizza will stay fresh and hot when you receive it. 

pizza kitchen near me

What Pizza to Order? 

This is going to be a long list. That’s why we recommend visiting our menu page where you can find all items you can order from us and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. If you’re overwhelmed with the options, we highly suggest you try our specialty pies, like Meat Lovers, Napoli’s Combo, Spinach Artichoke Pie, and BBQ Chicken. Or you can just build your pie. And if you’re ready to order, call the “pizza kitchen near me” at (818) 909-0100


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