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Wine Bar in Van Nuys Delivers Your Favorite Drinks

None of us love to admit it, but alcohol feels kind of like an essential during these strange times. Of course, it should always be used in moderation, even when we’re living in a very stressful time. Usually, after a long day, most adults like to have a glass of wine or beer with dinner. It’s nice to be able to have a drink now and then, especially when you miss going to your favorite bar or restaurant. However, getting wine or beer delivered can be such a headache. It’s either too pricey, too many options to sort through, or takes ages to deliver. By the time it would arrive, you’d already be heading to bed. Not to fret, because our wine bar in Van Nuys has got you covered. We’ve made the process of ordering alcohol simple by having a beer and wine menu for you to pair with a delicious Italian meal.

wine bar in Van Nuys

Beer Menu

Your choice of beer is probably something you are very settled on by now. Most people have a go-to one that they tend to order just about anywhere they go. Craft beer is becoming increasingly more popular as your preference is more and more often considered part of your personality. With our beer menu, we want to make sure that we are offering enough variety to appeal to different tastes. We want you to be able to get your regular choice for you to pair up with your delicious Italian meal. Our beer selection includes some of the most popular American, Italian, Belgian, and Mexican beers. You can enjoy, for example, Peroni and Birra Moretti, two excellent Italian lager beers. If you are more into the unique taste of pilsner beers, you can enjoy a Belgian Stella Artois or a Mexican Modelo. And if you are a fan of ales and national beers, you can have a Stone IPA, a great American India Pale Ale.

Wine Menu

Just as we offer an extensive beer menu in order to appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes, we make sure to include enough variety with our wines as well. Sure, we are in quarantine and sometimes we can’t be too picky all the time. This is all the more reason for us to make an effort to offer different choices. We want you to be able to treat yourself to a drink that stands out to you, after all. Our menu offers many choices such as a wonderful Paso Robles Merlot, a classic California Pinot Noir, a delicious Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon, a simple yet elegant California Chardonnay, and an exquisite Italian Pinot Grigio. All of these are readily available for you to get delivered or order for takeout with us. With your choice of red and white wines, you can properly pair up just about any dish on our menu with the ideal wine for the occasion. 

Wine Bar in Van Nuys

Sometimes, all we want at the end of the day is to have a nice drink with our meal. You might feel like you need it or like you owe it to yourself after a long day. We understand that, which is why we offer deliveries for our drink menu as well as for your meal. Our wine bar in Van Nuys have a wide selection of wines and beer for you to choose from at the time of your order. That way you can pick the drink that best appeals to your taste alongside your pizza. Well, as long as you are over twenty-one, of course. You can then either order online through the platform or give us a call at (818) 909-0100

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